Islamic Studies

IMSA follows the curriculum published by ISF publications. It ‘s used over 950 Muslim schools across US and Canada. The curriculum is composed of three series; namely, I Love Islam (Elementary School), Learning Islam (Middle School), and Living Islam (High School).

Hifz’ul Qur’an Program

IMSA is set up originally to spread the Light of Qur’an among the people. The vision is to provide such Islamic environment that can educate people with true learning and understanding of Qur’an along with Qur’an tajweed, Qur’an memorization and Arabic grammar.

By the blessings of Allah, three of our students, Saad Almani, Muhammad Fareed and Ahmad Fareed have successfully completed the Hifzul Quran program and became Hafiz-i Quran so far.

Translation of the Qur’an

Coming soon.

Arabic Language

At IMSA, it is our goal to not only complete the Hifz-ul Qur’an, but also focus on its meaning and understanding. Thus, Arabic Language is an internal component of our program. We have experienced and qualified Arabic teachers for this purpose.


We provide a conductive environment to inculcate Islamic values in accordance to the teachings of Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). For example, the Qur’an teachers assist students in performing their activities, such as salat, wudhu and lunch in accordance with Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) teachings. We also have a mentor-ship program for the resident students where we select pious inspirational undergraduate or graduate students to spend time with students.